Lopez Group Foundation, Inc.
Pasig City, Philippines

In 2006 the family embarked upon a new project entitled “Back to our Hometown” in the Visayas in Central Philippines. The program helps to feed malnourished children, build homes for the homeless, and provides family planning teaching and educational television for public schools. 50 family members from the second to the fourth generation participated in the program.

The Lopez family are known the world over for their care for the Philippine people. By meeting their needs – be they economic, social or cultural, the foundation plays a part in combating poverty, marginalization, and oppression. Through the Foundation, the Lopez family coordinates the social responsibility measures its business group which is active in communications, energy, infrastructure and real estate.

Federico Lopez, Elivra Batista, Oscar Lopez, Consuela Lopez with Jean-Luc Allavena (Head of the Prince's Cabinet), Hans-Jacob Bonnier (Chairman of FBN International), Professor Annelie Stider, Professor John Ward and Thierry Lombard