Since 1996, the Global Family Business Award has distinguished prestigious family businesses around the world from a variety of sectors on an annual basis. The award provides a unique opportunity to promote the indispensable role family businesses play in the global economy. The award, which is regarded by many as the most prestigious distinction for successful family businesses, also serves as a platform for family businesses to exchange best practices and analyze the economic backdrop.

The Global Family Business Award is a fantastic recognition for the passion and
craftsmanship with which we have been brewing beer and running our brewery for more than 300 years
now. As a family, you always look at the long term. Every generation has the brewery on loan from his
children and grandchildren. That means continuity takes priority over everything. This beautiful award is
therefore not a start or end point. It is a token of recognition and another incentive to continue to follow
our dream: to hand over the brewery in an even better condition than it already is.

Bavaria Group, 2015 Award Winner


Being nominated for the award is a unique opportunity for the family to pause for a few weeks and take the time to reflect on where it came from, where it currently stands and where it hopes its journey will take it. We are extremely proud to have received such recognition, as in effect it acknowledges the exceptional job done by our elders and their associates. It is a sign for the next generations that they too will need to contribute for the legacy to continue. Winning the award is thus a wonderful moment for the family, one of humility and also great expectation about what the future will bear. It is a fitting reward for all the work, effort and passion not only of the family itself but also of all the friends and colleagues who have contributed to making the adventure what it has been so far.

Marie-Christine Jaeger-Firmenich and Antoine A. Firmenich, Firmenich SA, 2011 Award Winner


“We consider ourselves custodians to a heritage and trustees to a tradition, both built on togetherness, trust, mutual respect, ethical values and above all dignity, independence and discipline.  As the scope and magnitude of family and business leadership changes each day we are preparing ourselves for the great challenges ahead.

This award reinforces our faith in family and also in our ability to build business and public institutions.  It serves not only as recognition but as a great motivation to us and I am sure to succeeding generations as well; to take forward the mantle of responsibility with confidence, courage and conviction.”

MM Murugappan, Murugappa Group, 2001 Award Winner


“IMD’s vast experience with family businesses has made it possible to accurately compare them to public firms. Coupled with decades of research, our experience indicates that over time, family businesses are more solid and more successful than their public counterparts. Their success is due not only to their long-term vision, human values and unparalleled spirit of innovaton, but also to their capacity to take risks – a liberty that gives family businesses a real competitive advantage.”

Professor Dominique Turpin, IMD President till 2016